Angel Halo
Angel HaloCommon
For level 10 or above

Cannot trade. Cannot be stored in bank. This item can’t be stored in the guild bank.
An illuminating angel halo that floats above the wearer's head.
Sell value 0Copper

Angel Halo is a common hair accessory available for any level 10 and above characters. This item is obtained by completing the achievement Calling of the Angel.

The Angel Halo is obtained via levelling your production gathering skills, below is information regarding what gathering skill gives you the Angel Halo, each production gathering skill gives it's own none stat fashion item once reaching 300 score/level/proficiency in that gathering type, Mining is the gathering skill for the Angel Halo

(TERA Europe)

Source Edit

To obtain the Angel Halo, one must complete the achievement called Calling of the Angel which requires one to reach level 300 in ore gathering. Upon completing the achievement, the item is mailed through the parcel post to the player which can be accessed at any banker.

Gallery Edit

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