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The Archer: Skills Glyphs Weapons Armour

Archerminiicon Archer
Role Offense
Combat range Very long (20 meters)
Movement speed Normal (110%)
Weapon type Bow
Armor type Leather
"Death from afar."

The Archer is a lightly armored class which specializes in a bow with long ranged offensive damage-dealing capabilities.
While attacking from the distance, their bow allows them to shoot a devastating blow toward the enemy from where the enemy can't reach them. As they also have high speeds, they can dodge and move quickly across the battlefield whilst still maintaining distance to shoot. When necessary, they can also lure enemies into fatal traps in order to change the outcome of the battle.

Official description Edit

"If you like having a tool for every job, the archer is the class for you...especially if you like tools that explode, penetrate armor, trap enemies in magical spider webs, or transform into radiant energy. Archers leave behind a trail of victims that look like pincushions—many dead before they knew what hit them. The archer rewards the use of clever tactics and thinking two steps ahead of your enemy.
Adventuring archers use remarkable bows. Instead of a string of gut and leather, their bowstrings are of arcane energy. In place of wooden arrows, they fire arrows of pure willpower. An archer's arrows effortlessly punch through enemy armor, consume foes in fiery energy, and trap them so they can't even flee! Archers deal death from afar. They excel at firing from beyond a foe's retaliation range, and using their escape moves to stay there. They can take the high ground for a better view of the overall battle, pick off foes that flee for help, and deal out damage without pulling aggro from the tanks.

Equipment and attributesEdit


Equipment Edit

Although low on health, the archer is equipped with leather armor for increased defense for when the enemy does manage to catch up with the archer. Equipped with a strong and sharply crafted weapon, the bow proven to be the favored weapon of the archer for its long ranged capacity.

Attributes Edit

Archers should focus more on mana and improve their dodging abilities instead of focusing on health (if their damage is high enough). While looking for common items such as dungeon loot and items from the brokerage, picking equipment with movement speed is highly recommended in order to improve your running speed and chances of evasion during combat. While looking for attributes for enchanting, archers should be on the lookout for ones that increase their damage toward Party monsters or enemy players, critical hit rate to increase overall damage, mana regeneration for pumping out more abilities in combat, movement speed to quickly avoid attacks from the enemy, and health and resistance attributes (just in case you feel you get hit more often than not.)

Skills and racial traitsEdit

Skills Edit


A Female castanic archer charging Penetrating Arrow Penetrating Arrow.

Archers are capable of launching multiple long ranged attacks using their bow to create deadly shots such as Penetrating Arrow Penetrating Arrow. Armed with a kit of multiple traps in preparation for all situations such as Concussion Trap to stun the enemy or Explosion Trap to cause massive destruction. If the enemy manages to pass though these traps, the archer will very likely have a Poison Arrow Poison Arrow ready to corrupt the enemy from within. Although the archer's greatest weakness is enemies getting up close, the archer has a few ways to handle such situations, with the help of Close Quarters Close Quarters the archer can stun the enemy, giving self enough time to load a deadly shot, or escape with Breakaway Bolt Breakaway Bolt or Backstep Backstep (Archer) to gain distance. Once the archer is back in the distance, it can continue its massively rapid attacks with the help of Rapid Fire Rapid Fire.

Racial traits Edit

Being able to pick between one of the seven races proves to be a tough choice. Each race has their own unique racial traits that can effectively improve the gameplay of the archer, depending on race choice:

Glyphs and crystals Edit

Glyphs Edit

Specializing in glyphs like all classes means a great deal to customization. Notable glyphs are:

Crystals Edit

Just like the default attributes and enchanting, an archer should focus less on recovering HP and resistance to attack, and more on attack, mana regeneration speed and movement speed. Such attributes are contained in Crystals such as:

  • Wingred Swift, which increases combat movement speed.
  • Sniperred Acrimonious, which increases critical hit damage against party monsters.
  • Sniperred Savage, which increases critical damage against enraged enemies.
  • Swordred Forceful, which increases strength when attacking opponents from the rear.
  • Sniperred Focused, which increases critical damage against enraged enemies.
  • Sniperred Carving, which increases critical hit rate.
  • Featherred Glistening, which recovers mana when landing a critical hit on the back of an enemy.
  • Tearblue Relentless, which increases maximum health.
  • Featherblue Vigorous, which provides health regeneration.

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