Armorsmithing was the skill used to craft heavy armor for the more defense-oriented Lancer and Berserker classes; Heavy Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves. This skill also involved smelting ores that are obtained through Mining into ingots, which could then be used to craft heavy armor. The patterns to raise Armorsmithing through refining ingots are different from the pattern used to raise Weaponsmithing through refining.

All armor is now crafted through the Armorcrafting skill.

Design/Attune Cost

Skill Level

Ingredients Description of Forged Item
Krysteel Ingot 9s 97c 1

Krymetal Ore (2)

Lignite (2)

Forged material for smithing weapons and armor.
Linsteel Ingot 30s 26c 50

Linmetal Ore (2)

Subbitum (2)

Forged material for smitthing weapons and armor.
Norsteel Ingot 66s 31c 100

Normetal Ore (2)

Bitumin (2)

Forged material for smithing weapons and armor.
Shadsteel Ingot 2g 87s 28c 150

Shadmetal Ore (2)

Seacoal (2)

Forged material for smithing weapons and armor.
Xersteel Ingot 8g 00s 90c 200

Xermetal Ore (2)

Anthracite (2)

Forged material for smithing weapons and armor.
Velika Krymail 2s 29c 50

Krysteel Ingot (2)

Krymetal Fastener (2)

Krysteel Annealer (2)

Paverune of Arun (1)

Sell Value: 1s 09c

For Lancer , Berserker

For Level 10 or above

Extractable : Tier 2 , Remodelable , Eligiable as template , Dyeable

Item level 21

Defense modifier 45

Balance modifier 16

Raises Max MP by 110

Crystal Slot (2)

Attune Velika Krymail 2s 29c 50

Velika Krymail (1)

Paverune of Arun (1)

Same as Velika Krymail Except:

Item level 19

Defense modifer 42

Raises max MP by 99

+3, +5, +7, +9 Unidentified effect (obscured by Enigma)

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