Race God
Status Dead

Even as a child, Balder was held in high regard by all the other gods, who saw a lot of his mother, Elinu, when they looked at him. After Tithus’s death, Balder stepped into the peacekeeper role among the gods. Despite deep divisions and bitter rivalries among the gods, almost everyone respected Balder, who was entrusted with the keys to the heavenly abode where the gods were at their strongest.

Karas’s curse of darkness came to an end when Balder sacrificed his sight so that others in the world could see. Balder tore out his own eyes and hurled them into the sky, where they became the twin suns that give the world light to this day.

Yet even the wisdom of Balder could not keep the gods at peace forever. Balder’s twin sister, Ishara, sought Balder’s power and convinced their older brother Lok that Balder was descending into madness. Lok killed Balder and stole the keys to the gods’ heavenly abode.

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