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Balder's Temple
Balder's Temple
Continent Southern Shara
Province Veritas District
Zone Balder's Refuge

Balder's Temple is a 5-man dungeon that becomes available for entry to players at level 60. A solo version of the instance is also available at level 60.

Dungeon Denizens Edit

Bosses Edit

Shrinecaller Hathri (Priestess)

Karshek, Balder's Champion (Dragoon)

Normal Mobs Edit

Devoted Guardian (Castanic/Human)

Devoted Mystic (Castanic/Human)

Tribute Maiden (Blood Maid)

Tribute Lord (Blood Lord)

Small Mobs Edit

Tribute Runt (Undead Poppori)

Miscellaneous MobsEdit

Summoning Horn (Summon)

NPCs Edit



Before Hathri:

Enter the temple and you will see her standing at the shrine in the back of the room. A massive group of Devoted Guardians and Devoted Mystics are standing guard. Deal with them to get to her.

Hathri Fight:

This boss has only one special mechanic.

As the fight goes on, large groups of Tribute Runts will spawn. These will swarm an unsuspecting player if left to their own devices.

Before Karshek:

When the Summoning Horn is destroyed, all group members will be knocked back to the temple's entrance. When this happens, a massive group of Tribute Maidens and Tribute Lords will spawn around where this boss spawned in the center. Dispatch them before you engage him.

Karshek Fight:

This is a simple fight.

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