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A bank is a storage unit containing up to 72 item spaces which can be accessed through a banker, an NPC typically found in major cities who allows the offering of bank access in addition of the Parcel Post.

All of the banks share the same vault, allowing a character to access their bank from any location where a banker can be found. The bank is also shared between all the characters of an account, allowing the transfer of certain items without mailing them with the exception of non-tradable items, such as quest items or already binded items.

Storing money in the bank has no other purpose than to share currency between characters as characters do not lose their currnecy upon death. No interest is accrued.

Guild bank Edit

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The guild bank is a storage unit which is shared with a guild which is accessible through a banker. Withdrawals are only allowed by the leader of the guild unless the guild master has given privileges to a player of the guild.