Barraq is a level 25 Kumas World Boss in Celestial Hills. He spawns in two spots in the lower region of Celestial Hills, parallel to the Sanctum Mysterium, and very close to the entrance to the Velika region.  One spawn at the base of the hill just North-West of the crossroads and one just South-West.


Barraq is a very powerful Kumas and hits much harder than the Indolent and Torpid Kumases in the zone, but he should still be fought like a Kumas. As with all Kumases, he is very slow, both to react, sometimes taking up to 20 seconds to begin fighting after having been attacked, and in his attack speed. All classes can easily evade most of his attacks by circling around to his back. One thing to note, however, is that he will perform two jumping attacks in a row, unlike most Kumases. Lancers and Berserkers of an equivalent level should be able to block most of his attacks but should take care to evade rather than block his jump attacks as they do significantly more damage than other Kumases' jump attacks. When Barraq stomps the ground twice in preparation for this attack, all party members should scatter to his left or right side and keep running until he does both jumps. When he enrages, he attacks and moves much faster, and evading most of his attacks may not be as easy, or indeed possible in some cases. The distance he covers with his jumping attack will also have been greatly reduced and its speed greatly increased, and close range party members should, instead of running to Barraq's left or right, run directly away from him. When he is enraged, party members should focus on survival rather than damage, and only return to damaging him when he has calmed down.

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