Bastion of Lok
Bastion of Lok
Continent Southern Arun
Province Arcadia
Zone Oblivion Woods
Sub-Zone Bestial Vale

Bastion of Lok (also known as Secret Base) is a 5-player dungeon that becomes available for entry to players at level 20. A walktrough is available here.

Lore Edit

The Oblivion Woods are under attack by thieves and murderous cultists with the stated goal of bringing down the Valkyon Federation. Rumor has it they've fortified and occupied a network of tunnels where their evil schemes can come to fruition.

These tunnels are nestled in an area known as the Bestial Vale, and the cultists are not the only dangerous things walking around. Basilisks have breeding pits near the probable location of this secret base, and they're none too happy to be disturbed! Mossy Ghilliedhus also roam the area, and can become agrivated if you get to close, though they pose little threat.

Dungeon Denizens Edit

Bosses Edit

Bastion of Lok Walkthrough

Normal Mobs Edit

  • Devan Assassin
  • Devan Shaman
  • Devan Bodyguard
  • Devan Butcher
  • Bastion Lancer
  • Bastion Slayer
  • Bastion Priest
  • Bastion Mystic
  • Bastion Reaper
  • Bastion Sorcerer
  • Broken Zuulhound

Small Mobs Edit

  • Loyal Dark Imp
  • Hyena Sentry
  • Mercurial Ebon Imp
  • Zealous Auric Imp

Miscellaneous MobsEdit

NPCs Edit

  • Grapine

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