Battlegrounds is a new gameplay type being debuted in an update on August 22nd. Battlegrounds focus on team based PvP combat and can be accessed through the submenu under Looking for Group (LFG) .

Battlegrounds such as Kumasylum and Corsair's Stronghold will boost lower level characters up to a max level equivalent to minimize disadvantage which can come from group multiple players of different levels.

Current battlegrounds available in Tera are:

  • Kumasylum - Accessible from level 30. This battleground pits 10 regular players against 3 super powered kumas. The players need to open boxes and reveal the 3 gems on the map, then work together to steal the gems back to their escape ships at the dock.
  • Corsair's Stronghold - Accesible from level 30. This battleground is a 20 v 20 contest, with two rounds to allow the teams to attack and defend the fortress using siege weapons, airships and ladders.
  • Fraywind Canyon - A 15 v 15 contest for high level characters.
  • Champions' Skyring - A 3 v 3 arena PvP contest.

There are also some seasonal battlegrounds such as the 10 v 10 Wintera Snowfield in December (snowball fight related to the Christmas theme at this time).