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This article is about removed content, an article of a subject that is no longer available in TERA and very unlikely to ever return due to development decisions. The article remains here for historical purposes.
A bomb is a combat supply item that is used against enemies to deal long ranged damage with a great area explosion surrounding where the bomb lands.

Additional information:

  • Throwing a bomb has a 30 second cooldown timer. In other words, the player will not be able to throw any sort of bomb regardless of the rank of the bomb for these 2 seconds.
  • All bombs have casn hit a maximum of 10 targets within a 4 meter radius around where the bomb lands.
  • The maximum range of all bombs is 10 meters. It would be wise to mouseover a target and see its range first before using a bomb.
  • Bombs can be thrown while running, proving themselves quite useful when hotkeyed.

Currently the formula for calculating the damage difference between bombs of different ranks is still unknown, but it is obvious that bombs of higher rank do much more damage.

Most bombs are obtained from looting corpses of enemies and completing quests. There is currently no way to craft bombs.

Bombs Level Requirement Damage
Bomb I Bomb I 1  ?
Bomb II Bomb II 5  ?
Bomb III Bomb III 10  ?
Bomb IV Bomb IV 15  ?
Bomb 05 Bomb V 20  ?
Bomb 06 Bomb VI 25  ?
Bomb VII Bomb VII 30  ?
Bomb 08 Bomb VIII 35  ?
Bomb 09 Bomb IX 40  ?
Bomb 10 Bomb X 45  ?
Bomb 11 Bomb XI 50  ?
Bomb 12 Bomb XII 55  ?
Bomb 13 Bomb XIII 60  ?

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