In order to create a character in The Exiled Realm of Arborea, a person has to go through the Character Creation system.
The character creation allows players to customize their character's appearance in the game. All new characters must go through this customization process. The character creation screen features all seven races (Aman, Baraka, Castanic, Elin, High elf, Human, and Popori), and all eight classes (Archer, Berserker, Lancer, Mystic, Priest, Sorcerer, and Warrior). Players can choose either male of female version of each race except for the Elin (all female), Baraka (genderless), and Popori (seemingly all male, although they appear as somewhat gender neutral animals).

Character creation features the following detailed options:

  • Presets: A collection of preset characters to choose as starting templates.
  • Features: Alters hair, horn, and various other head styles, including hair color.
  • Adornments: May include tattoos, jewelry, etc.
  • Fine details: Alters the following facial features with great detail:
  • Bone Structure
    • Brow
    • Cheekbones
    • Jaw
    • Jaw Width
    • Jaw Jut
  • Eyes
    • Width
    • Shape
    • Height
    • Separation
    • Angle
    • Inner Brow
    • Outer Brow
  • Ears
    • Rotation
    • Extension
    • Trim
    • Size
  • Mouth
    • Position
    • Mouth Width
    • Lip Thickness
    • Gape
    • Pucker
    • Mouth Corners
  • Nose
    • Extension
    • Size
    • Bridge
    • Nostril Width
    • Tip Width
    • Nose Tip
    • Nostril Flare
    • Bend
  • Outfit: Gives examples of character attire.
  • Voice: Allows players to choose their characters vocalization using five options varying from low to high pitch.


TERA - Character Creation Features08:49

TERA - Character Creation Features

Detailed Character Creation Videos

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