Cliffs of Insanity
Cliffs of Insanity Zone
Continent Southern Arun
Province Poporia

The Cliffs of Insanity is one of the zones in the province of Poporia.


The origin of this region’s name is lost to the ages, but it’s more appropriate than ever. The presence of dementaliths causes creatures to lose control—and drives the vampirs’ thirst for blood to dangerous levels. The Cliffs of Insanity are notable for the farms in the south and the ruins of an ancient citadel in the north.

Dangerous predators such as sabertooths have always stalked the rolling plains, but now bizarre abominations hunt the living. Worse still is the recent influx of fimbrilisks. These massive creatures are more than a match for ordinary town guards. It’ll take combat veterans to defeat them.[1]



Level RangeEdit

  • Levels 24–25

Notable BAMsEdit

Named MobsEdit



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