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Crystals are an equippable item bound to another equipment item. At any given time, a player can have a total of 12 crystals equipped: 4 bound to his/her weapon, 4 bound to his/her body slot armor piece (ie. hauberk, cuirass, or robe), 2 bound to his/her rings, and 2 bound to his/her earrings. Accordingly, there are 4 types of crystals.

Crystals are a crucial, but often overlooked, part of TERA's gameplay. Players that fail to use crystals, especially at the higher levels, will soon find him/herself performing subpar in comparison to others.

Players from any class may wear any crystal he/she so desires. This is one of the areas where TERA allows completely unrestricted customization. Through crystals, players can remove the limitations of his/her class (ie. even the stats out), maximize his/her class's traits (ie. add to the already prominent stats), or simply buff him/herself with more health, mana, movement speed, etc.

Crystals are considered a consumable item, because they can be destroyed upon taking them off or the player dying. Also, it should be noted that when equipped, crystals are bound to another equipment item. This means that should the player remove that other item and part with it (ex. extraction, trading, selling), the crystals would also be gone.

Types of CrystalsEdit

Weapons Axe Bow Disc Greatsword Lance Scepter Staff Twin Swords
Armor Metal
( Hauberks | Gauntlets | Greaves )
( Cuirasses | Gloves | Boots )
( Robes | Sleeves | Shoes )
Jewelry Rings Earrings Necklace
Crystals Weapon Crystals Armor Crystals Ring Crystals Earring Crystals
Costumes Hair Face Weapon Armor

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