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Dark Cathedral
Dark Cathedral
Continent Southern Arun
Province Val Aureum
Zone Aurum Road

Dark Cathedral is one of the locations in the game TERA. It an open dungeon in Val Aureum.

These ruins, dating back to the giants’ empire, are better preserved than most, at least underground. They’re confusing to scholars, though, who wonder why such a grand structure exists in the giants’ capital city, yet is not built to giant scale. One theory states that the Dark Cathedral was where the giants kept their amani slave soldiers, which would explain why it suffered less damage on the Day of Flame.

Today it’s a redoubt for Lok’s followers, a safe haven they can fall back to if their other strongholds get destroyed. An undead legion guards the front gates and upper halls. Lokians pack the inner chambers and lower levels, and the cult has several heavily armored fimbrilisks in reserve to repel assaults.

Federation scouts have searched the cathedral for the leaders of the cult, but so far those searches have been fruitless. Is there a secret hideout inside the fortress?[1]

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