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Title Researcher
Gender Male
Race Castanic
Class Slayer
Reaction Friendly
Affiliation Valkyon Federation
Occupation Unknown
Location Dulari's Camp
Status Alive

"Have Arun and Shara dreamed this place to test us, or as a reward for the faithful?"–Dulari

Dulari is a researcher.

Quests Edit

Dulari starts the following quests:

Dulari is the objective of the following quests:

Dulari ends the following quests:

Dulari used to start the following quests:

Dulari used to end the following quests:

Quotes Edit

  • "This island is the first new thing on maps in three hundred years, and in just three months we've learned enough to redefine the world.

    Have Arun and Shara dreamed this place to test us, or as a reward for the faithful?
  • "Our first sight of the island told us a story of wonder and mysteries. Now all I see is a vast graveyard, where brave men, women, and baraka died.

    Measured against what we've lost, can we ever fully consider this expedition a success?

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