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Dungeons are instanced maps that are found in various locations around the world. The creatures found within these maps tend to be harder than their average counterparts and there tend to be stronger boss BAMs that occasionally have unique mechanics to challenge players.

List Edit

Dungeon Name Level Range Location
Bastion of Lok 20-24 Southern Arun
Sinestral Manor 26-30 Southern Arun
Saravash's Ascent 32-36 Southern Arun
Cultists' Refuge 35-40 Southern Arun
Necromancer Tomb 41-47 Southern Shara
Golden Labyrinth 48-53 Southern Arun
Akasha's Hideout 48-53 Southern Arun
Saleron's Sky Garden 53-57 Southern Shara
Ebon Tower 58-59 Northern Shara
Kelsaik's Nest 58-60 Northern Shara
Labyrinth of Terror 57-58 Northern Shara
Argon Corpus 60 Northern Shara
Balder's Temple 60 Southern Shara
Manaya's Core 60 Northern Shara
Sabex Armory 61 Northern Arun
Macellarius Catacombs 64 Northern Arun
Ravenous Gorge 65 Northern Arun
Echoes of Aranea 65 Northern Arun
Wonderholme 65 Southern Shara
Channelworks 65 Southern Arun
Ghillieglade 65 Southern Arun
Ruinous Manor 65 Southern Arun

Removed DungeonsEdit