Dwarf Guardian
Dwarf Guardian
Race Orcan
Level 7
Reaction Hostile Hostile
Health Unknown [edit]
Classification Small
Location Orcan Bivouac

Dwarf Guardian are one of the enemies in the game TERA. It is a variant of the Orcans (species).

Location Edit

Attacks Edit

  • swings at you with his club
  • stabs at you multiple times in very quick succession

Defenses Edit

  • sometimes would attempt to remove themselves from range in order to come back in later for a counterattack

Weaknesses Edit

Like all other minion mobs, Dwarf Guardians have very low HP. You can easily take them out in one hit. Also, because of their tendency to group together, you can take out several of them at once by using an AoE attack.

Notes Edit

  • It is always in a group
    • 3 x Dwarf Guardian (no leader)

Drops Edit

One of the following:
List of Drops

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