Eldritch Academy Grounds
Eldritch Academy Grounds
Continent Southern Arun
Province Poporia
Zone Lake of Tears

The Witches of Vadoma teach young girls ancient secrets of magic in the academy, providing them with both a home and a sense of family. The academy’s presence benefits Poporia, providing it with a pool of trained arcanists, and the academy tries to give back to the kingdom. The lavish harvest festival parties are famous across Southern Arun, though invitations are always scarce. Dark rumors have reached Pora Elinu, however, about events transpiring in the academy that could undermine everything the witches and Poporia have worked for.

The players are called upon to investigate the rumors of chaos and violence in the academy. Poporia relies upon the Eldritch Academy and wants to protect that relationship, so discreet investigations and assistance are the orders of the day. The academy houses a tremendous amount of magical power—power that could cause great harm if it were to fall into the wrong hands.[1]

Halls of PowerEdit


The strongest and highest ranking of the Witches of Vadoma patrol this portion of the academy. They work with certain officials from the Scions of Lok to attempt in corrupted the wildlife and other life outside the academy. This might just be the source of the insanity within Poporia.

Halls of KnowledgeEdit


Within these halls, higher ranking members of the academy conduct crude magic. Rituals are performed that are darker than anyone could seemingly imagine. Some of the Elin have not yet gone insane, though. These Elins are still loyal to the Princesses and require all the assistance they can get in stopping the dark magic within.

Eldritch AcademyEdit

Eldritch Academy

New students and apprentices from all over who wish to learn the dark ways of the witches are instructed here by dark professors. The headmistress and head girl of the academy keep a strict watch over what happens in this portion of the academy. All "unwanted visitors" within these halls will face their wrath.

Malefic LaboratoriesEdit


Terrifying experiments take place within these stations. The strength of the Mad Blood Disease has grown to be almost at its peak within the Vampirs experimented on here. Surviving lords and maidens from the Senestral Manor have made this their home.

Witch-Queen CatacombsEdit


Within these catacombs, the Scions of Lok work with the Witches of Vadoma on channeling a dark and powerful energy into chaotic rituals. Powerful servants of Lok are being summoned along with legions of undead.

Notable BAMsEdit

Named MobsEdit