Continent Southern Shara

Essenia is one of the provinces of the Southern Shara continent.


Tales of conflict and struggle fill Essenia’s past. Humans, high elves, argons—even a god or two—fought over Essenia’s hills and forests. While Essenian Crest bears the most obvious scars, the toxic soils of Blightwood challenge settlers still. The otherworldly forest of Timeless Woods and the long, lush runs of Blessing Basin hint at Essenia’s true value.

Home primarily to humans and high elves, Essenia’s a prized destination for amani seeking more restful, lush settings. The scars from the argon invasion weathered away, but war is never far from Essenia. Ancient forces, both divine and mortal, invested a great deal in the province, and those who covet power are never in short supply.[1]

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