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Extraction is the form of disassembling, in that it breaks down a piece of equipment into resources. To extract an item you must have the appropriate level of extraction for the tier of them item you are extracting. For example, if your extraction was at level 5 and you wanted to perform an extraction on an item that was tier 6, you would be unable to do so. From the same example, if you were to perform an extraction on any tier 5 item or lower you would get materials from it. To train extraction you must use the training scrolls. These can be found off random drops from creatures or bought from a Merchant Vendor.

To perform extraction open up the Crafting Window (default key: J), and click on the Extraction Tab; or press the Esc key and click on the Activities button on the UI bar and select the Extraction Tab. Here you can see what level each of your extraction types is at. From here you can click on the type extraction you wish to perform and a second window will open. Next, right-click an item that is capable to be extracted (one that is not darkened out) and it will be moved from your inventory to the window. Finally, click the extraction button in the extraction window to start the process.

  • Note: Once you begin extracting an item you can not cancel it. If you extract an important item it will be lost forever!

Types of ExtractionEdit

There are four types of extraction:

  • Alchemy: This type rewards the player with items used in Alchemy Crafting Recipes.
  • Leather: This type rewards the player with items used in Leather Crafting Recipes.
  • Metal: This type rewards the player with items used in Metal Crafting Recipes.
  • Cloth: This type rewards the player with items used in Cloth Crafting Recipes.
    • Some of the items obtained have more uses than what is listed above.

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