Faerie Globe
For level 10 or above

Cannot trade. Cannot be stored in bank. This item can’t be stored in the guild bank.
An illuminating energy globe that floats above the wearer's head.
Sell value 0Copper

Faerie Globe is a common

face accessory available for any level 10 and above characters. This item is obtained by completing the achievement Blessing of the Faerie.

The Faerie Globe also shares similar characteristic with the reward item one can receive with mining level 300 and essence gathering level 300. Just like all accessories, Faerie Globe provides no stats bonus and is merely for looks.

Source Edit

To obtain the Faerie Globe, one must complete the achievement called Blessing of the Faerie which requires one to reach level 300 in plant gathering. Upon completing the achievement, the item is mailed through the parcel post to the player which can be accessed at any banker.

Gallery Edit

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