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Fey Forest
Fey Forest Zone
Continent Southern Arun
Province Arcadia

The magical woodland of Fey Forest lies near the logging outpost of Lumbertown, where feisty flighty faeries swarm under towering evergreen trees and corrupted unicorns gallop along overgrown roads, trampling any in their path.


Poets use Arcadia as a symbol of a simple, pastoral way of life that no longer exists due to the constant strife the region now experiences. The fey races—faeries, centaurs, and unicorns—have always had a delicate relationship with Arcadian loggers, but now the relationship has deteriorated into insurgency, with much loss of life on both sides.

In addition to the feisty fey, sabertooths and sporewalkers roam the forest. These days you’re also likely to see jalmaraks, which are clearly not native to the region. Rumors tell of far worse foes lurking in Scarwood. Enter at your own risk.[1]

Lumbertown (Aerial)

An aerial view of Lumbertown, Arcadia Province.

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  • Levels 11–16

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