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Focuscrafting was the profession used to craft weapons for the ranged Archer, Mystic, Sorcerer, Priest and Gunner classes; Bows, Scepters, Discs, Staves and Arcannons, respectively. This skill also involved the melding (refining) of the energy-infused crystals obtained through Essence Gathering.

It has since merged with Weaponsmithing, and all weapons are now crafted using the Weaponcrafting profession.

Refining MaterialsEdit

  • Tier 1 : Deosilex Deosilex : Sun essence Sun Essence (2) + Apprentice Refining Kit Apprentice Refining Kit (2)
  • Tier 2 : Aerosilex Aerosilex : Wind essence Essence of Wind (2) + Journeyman Refining Kit Journeyman Refining Kit (2)
  • Tier 3 : Astrosilex Astrosilex : Star essence Star Essence (2) + Professional Refining Kit Professional Refining Kit (2)
  • Tier 4 : Cryosilex Cryosilex : Ice essence Essence of Ice (2) + Artisan Refining Kit Artisan Refining Kit (2)
  • Tier 5 : Galvasilex Galvasilex : Lightning essence Lightning Essence (2) + Master Refining Kit Master Refining Kit (2)

Each round of crafting has a chance to, instead of creating a Refined Material of that Tier, it will return two Essences of the next Tier.

(For example : You may receive Wind essence Essence of Wind (2), instead of a Deosilex Deosilex, when you do Tier 1 Refining.)

Weapon RecipesEdit

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