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Title Commander
Gender Female
Race High Elf
Class Berserker
Reaction Friendly
Affiliation Valkyon Federation, Allemantheia
Occupation Commander of Allemantheia
Status Alive

"In the name of Valkyon, I shall judge your sins!"–Fraya[1]

Fraya (Japanese: フレイア ローヘン, Rohan Freiya) is the leader of the high elves and the sworn enemy of Chanel.

Appearance Edit

Fraya carries around a cutlass as her weapon when she is commanding, but truly specializes and uses an axe during times of war.

Location Edit

Fraya can be found in Allemantheia Headquarters, as well as Frontera for certain story quests. And in Castanica for the quest "Rescue the core".

History Edit

The Argons invading Edit

Kaidun and the missing Core Edit


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