Gathering is a game feature which allows a character to gather materials from various nodes across Arborea which can be used to craft certain items from crafting. Plentiful nodes allow a character to gather up to 3 times from the same node, but a failed attempt will have a chance to destroy the node.

There are three types of gathering professions: ore gathering; essence gathering; and plant gathering. All three gathering professions are automatically learned upon character creation, and start off at level 1. An indicator of the level of gathering skill can be found in the Gathering tab of the Character menu.

Every successful gather will increase your respective gathering skill by 1, up to a cap depending on what you were harvesting. You also gain a small amount of experience, depending on your level. Higher-tier materials have higher increase-caps, but also have a higher risk of failure if your gathering proficiency is too low.

Gathering with multiple players is possible, if the player is in a party, and other party members gather at the same node as each other. If even one party member succeeds, the group gather will succeed, and each party member involved will receive the appropriate resource from the node, as well as an appropriate proficiency point, as if they successfully gathered alone. Loot from one node is therefore doubled with 2 party members at one node, and can be quintupled with 5 members gathering at once.

Certain racial skills improve gathering speed.

Mining Edit

Ore gathering is a gathering skill which allows a character to gather ores from ore nodes around the world. Ore is used for Alchemy, Armorcrafting, and Weaponcrafting.

Plant Gathering Edit

Plant gathering is a gathering skill that allows a character to gather crafting materials from plants and roots around the world. Plants are used for Alchemy and Armorcrafting.

Energy Harnessing Edit

Energy harnessing is a gathering skill that allows a character to gather crafting materials from coalesced magic around the world. Essences are used for Alchemy and Focuscrafting.

Hide Gathering Edit

Hide gathering is not an actual gathering skill, and there is no leveling system for it. There are no nodes from which hides can be gathered from. Instead, all monsters have a chance to drop hides, so they are gathered as the player adventures. This makes hides the hardest raw material to obtain. Hides are used for Alchemy and Leatherworking.

Gathering Skill Benefits Edit

Upon successfully gathering from a mining, plant, or essence node, your character will receive a random benefit as well as experience. If you receive a benefit for which you already have the maximum number of stacks, the duration will be refreshed. Since a majority of these benefits are combat related, it is recommended that players gather materials while questing.

  • Gathering Courage
    • Increases Maximum Stamina by 5
    • Effect stacks up to 3 times
    • Duration - 20 Minutes
  • Gathering Knowledge
    • Increases Gathering Proficiency by 10
    • Effect stacks up to 4 times
    • Duration - 5 Minutes
  • Gathering Spirit
    • Regenerates 0.5% of Maximum MP every 3 seconds.
    • Effect stacks up to 3 times
    • Duration - 10 Minutes
  • Gathering Speed
    • Increases Movement Speed in Combat by 2
    • Effect stacks up to 3 times
    • Duration - 10 Minutes
  • Gathering Life
    • Heals 0.5% of Maximum HP every 3 seconds
    • Effect stacks up to 3 times
    • Duration - 10 Minutes

Achievements Edit

  • Mining Achievements

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