"Nothing says a “new you” like a new ‘do! Check out choices that top off your new look with something new for the top of your head!" ( tradução > " Nada diz que um" novo você "como um novo ' fazer! Confira as escolhas que top off seu novo visual com algo novo para o topo de sua cabeça ! ")

Please note that this list may or may not be reflective of any sales or pricing changes that are going on, we will try to keep you updated as much as we can but please keep that in mind.

Icon Name 7Days 30Days Permanent
Angel Halo
Angel Halo
Acc 027A

Arkai Mask

220 495 1045
Bbwolf mask icon

Big Bad Wolf Mask

Black tophat icon

Black Top Hat

Blue angelhalo icon

Blue Angel Halo

Blue featheredhat icon
Blue Feathered Hat
Blue feelers icon

Blue Feelers

Blue partyhat icon
Blue Party Hat
Blue starlingcap icon
Blue Starling Nestcap
Boneweary skelemask icon
Bone-Weary Skeleton Mask
Brown rudolphhair icon
Brown Rudolph Hairband
Bunnyears icon

Bunny Ears

220 NA 660
Cat ears

Cat Ears

220 NA 660
Cowboy hat icon

Cowboy Hat

Dark mark
Dark Mark
Dracoloth Mask Face Vanity
The dracoloth mask is a hair costume. This looks like a draco's head. 220 495 1045
Dreadpirate darkhat icon
Dread Pirate's Dark Hat
Dreadpirate greenhat icon
Dread Pirate's Green Hat
Dreadpirate redhat icon
Dread Pirate's Red Hat
Dreadpirate tanhat icon
Dread Pirate's Tan Hat
Famished skelemask icon
Famished Skeleton Mask
Frankenhat icon
Fresh pumpkinmask icon
Fresh Pumpkin Mask
Ghostknight helm icon
Ghost Knight Helm
Gray featheredhat icon
Gray Feathered Hat
Green featheredhat icon
Green Feathered Hat
Green hood icon
Green Hood
Green partyhat icon
Green Party Hat
Housekeepers frill icon
Housekeeper's Frill
Maids Frill icon
Maid's Frill
Maroon Hood icon
Maroon Hood
Me luckyhat icon
Me Lucky Hat
Nameday partyhat icon
Name Day Party Hat
Packleader wolfmask icon
Packleader Wolf Mask
Pink feelers icon

Pink Feelers

Pink starlingcap icon
Pink Starling Nest Cap
Princess tiara icon

Princess Tiara

Purple Hood icon
Purple Hood
Redbat hair icon
Red Bat Hairband
Red featheredhat icon
Red Feathered Hat
Red hood icon
Red Hood
Red rudolphhair icon
Red Rudolph Hairband
Red starlingcap icon
Red Starling Nestcap
Santa cap icon
Santa Cap
Shimmering tophat icon
Shimmering Top Hat
Williamtell apple
William Tell's Green Apple 99 NA 330
Williamtell apple red
William Tell's Red Apple 99 NA 330
Winged band
Winged Band 220 495 1045
Yellow starlingcap icon
Yellow Starling Nestcap


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