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Hungry Caverns
Hungry Caverns
Continent Southern Arun
Province Ostgarath
Zone Ascension Valley

The Hungry Caverns is a gula stronghold riddled with slavers and mercenaries. Hitting the Hungry Caverns hard will hurt the gula slave trade and give their hired devas a wake-up call. In addition, intelligence reveals that the Hungry Caverns may also be home to Akasha , the goddess who stole the Core, a living artifact that powers much of the high elves’ magic.[1]

Ground FloorEdit


Gulas and Devas have made their home within this portion of the caverns. This is where they take the slaves that have been captured and trade them to the Red Lash pirates. Horrible torture and disgusting acts have taken place here. None of these people here are innocent other than the slaves and a specific Elin who wishes to deal with the Gulas. Permanently.

Hungry Caverns VaultsEdit

This massive series of tunnels contains every bit of treasure the Gulas have gained. Ever. It is not only guarded by massive amounts of Gulas and Devas, but is also home to many strange secrets. Hidden incendiary traps block entrances to troves and creatures made of pure gold can sometimes be found wandering the vaults.


Notable BAMs

Hungry Caverns CatacombsEdit


Within these supposedly abandoned corridors lies a sinister darkness. strange energy seeping through cracks in the walls are causing those killed by both Gulas and other things to become raised as undead. Within several hidden chambers spread through them, a sinister cult formed by the Gulas attempts to contact the Goddess Akasha and have been "blessed" with assistance from her strange menagerie of creatures.

Notable BAMs

  • Likoth, the Arachnen Broodmother
  • Orsok, the Kumas' Warlord
  • Farki, the Basilisk Burrower

Hungry Caverns DepthsEdit

Within this deepest portion of the caverns lies a horrifying army. All of them are focused on one goal: protecting the core. Gulas, undead, pirates, beasts, and everything else is focused on preventing it from being stolen. The federation needs to stop them from succeeding in that task.

Notable BAMsEdit