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The Hyderad Legacy is a faction devoted to the preservation of the natural world.


Followers of the principles of Hyderad, who work to preserve the past and protect the environment.


Daily QuestsEdit

[Lvl60] A Chance of Sun
[Lvl60] Balder's Balm
[Lvl60] Keep Off the Grass
[Lvl60] Killing Trees to Save Them
[Lvl60] Scarier Crows
[Lvl60] You're Not on My List

Zone QuestsEdit

Upright and Lost

Purchasable RewardsEdit

Rewards are purchased from Ermin and Bruga.

Reward Reputation Required Currency
Blue Starling Nestcap None 500 Credits
Pink Starling Nestcap None 500 Credits
Red Starling Nestcap None 500 Credits
Yellow Starling Nestcap None 500 Credits
Cunning Zyrk Favorable 100 Credits
Grounding Zyrk Favorable 100 Credits
Silvervine Branch Friendly 1,500 Credits
Blue Tuwangi Turban Trusted 500Gold
Green Tuwangi Turban Trusted 500Gold
Purple Tuwangi Turban Trusted 500Gold
Yellow Tuwangi Turban Trusted 500Gold
Pristine Cunning Zyrk Trusted 500 Credits
Pristine Grounding Zyrk Trusted 500 Credits
18px Hyderad Setting Revered 1,700 Credits

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