Island of Dawn
Island of Dawn Zone
Continent Southern Arun

Island of Dawn is an island between the continents of Southern Arun and Shara. It is the starting zone for newly created characters, and also features the first town a player can visit, Tower Base. Questing levels are from 1-11.


Only a short time ago, the Island of Dawn rose from the sea between the continents of Arun and Shara, throwing everything we know about the world into chaos. A scientific expedition left almost immediately from Velika to investigate the event and the mysterious new land itself.

There were mysteries enough to keep this team of scientists busy for years. How could a brand-new island be home to ancient ruins and relics? Why was it populated by wildlife, nature spirits, and demons?

Before they could do more than begin to ask questions, most members of the first expedition perished in a massed demon attack, while the expedition leader, Elleon, went missing and was presumed dead.[1]

Major TownsEdit


Sub-Sub Zones (not named on the map)Edit


Timeless WoodsEdit

Tower BaseEdit

Island of DawnEdit

Tainted GorgeEdit

Mysterious RuinsEdit


Level Range by Sub-ZoneEdit

  • Timeless Woods: 1–3
  • Tower Base: 3–4
  • Mysterious Ruins: 5–8
  • Tainted Gorge: 9–11

Notable BAMsEdit

Instanced DungeonsEdit




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