Jewelry & Accessories, or "accoutrement" to the French, are pieces of gear that go in the earrings, rings, and necklace slots. These pieces of gear add stats like additional HP, MP, and can also add things like attack speed and power. The first available rings are at level 9 and the first earrings are level 10. These low level items add a very small amount of HP and MP. Each character has 2 ring slots and 2 earring slots, along with 1 necklace slot. Rings and earrings also have crystal slots, but these will not be fillable until the highest level range. The Collector's Edition of TERA Online comes with two account-wide necklace items that can be used while leveling all characters on a single account. The first is wearable at level 15 and the second at level 40, and both are "yellow quality" items so are virtually the best items equippable in those slots at those levels.