A Jewelry is an item which is part of a set of five items that can be equipped in three slots in the Profile tab of the character menu. There are three slots, necklace, earring and ring.

Every class and character may wear jeweleries. However, only one necklace may be equipped. While a pair of two rings and two earrings can also be equipped, totaling to five slots. Respectively, 2 Ring crystals may be equipped on each ring, and 2 Earring crystals may be equipped in each earring.

Type of jewelriesEdit

Weapons Arcannon Axe Bow Disc Greatsword Lance Powerfists Scepter Scythes Staff Twin Swords
Armor Metal
( Hauberks | Gauntlets | Greaves )
( Cuirasses | Gloves | Boots )
( Robes | Sleeves | Shoes )
Jewelry Rings Earrings Necklace
Crystals Weapon Crystals Armor Crystals Accessories Crystals
Costumes Hair Face Weapon Armor

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