Title God of Madness
Gender Male
Race God
Reaction Hostile Hostile
Status Deceased

Killian, the god of terror diguised as a child, is the son of Saleron - one of the original twelve. Killian shares his body with his deceased sister Icaruna. He is allied with Thulsa and Akasha , and is responsible for the awakening and corruption of Sikander into Kelsaik.

Divine warEdit

In the aftermath of the Divine War Killian was responsible for the imprisonment of his father Saleron in the Crypt of the Damned.

Beast of DestructionEdit

Killian manipulated the priests of the Mekonari and Sikandari into awakening Sikander as Kelsaik.

Labyrinth of TerrorEdit

Killian was slain in the Labyrinth of Terror by Valkyon Federation forces who required the jewel from his staff to gain access to Thulsa's citadel the Ebon Tower