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Title The Mighty
Race Destroyer
Level 11
Health Unknown [edit]
Location Tainted Gorge

Kugai is a miniboss in the game TERA. It is a variant of the Destroyers (species).

Location Edit

Kugai patrols the west road in the Tainted Gorge.

Attacks Edit

  • right hand punch
  • jumping attack
  • ground-pounding
  • special attack: handclap

Defenses Edit

Destroyers depend far more on offense than defense. Their main advantage in a fight is the fact that despite being melee fighters, they can damage at a distance of eight meters.

Weaknesses Edit

  • The right hand punch can be evaded by staying on the Destroyer's left hand side.
  • Right after the jumping attack, the Destroyer is immobile and vulnerable for awhile.
  • The special attack deals close-ranged damage. Just stay away.

Notes Edit

Apparently is a timed spawn.

Quests Edit

Kugai is the objective of the following quests:

Drops Edit

Gallery Edit

External Links Edit

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