Lake of Tears
Lake of Tears Zone
Continent Southern Arun
Province Poporia

The Lake of Tears is one of the zones in the province of Poporia.


Home to the capital of Pora Elinu, the Lake of Tears is a hauntingly beautiful region. The lake itself surrounds Pora Elinu, while the pathways lead through the various woods. Nominally a wildlife preserve, sabertooths, bears, noruks, and ghilliedhus wander the hills. More recently, however, marauding fangspawns and mekonaris have stirred up trouble, while the royal princesses’ constant bickering could tear apart the kingdom.

Life’s never dull in the Lake of Tears.[1]

Major TownsEdit



Level RangeEdit

  • Levels 34–35

Notable BAMsEdit

Named MobsEdit




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