Title Magister
Gender Male
Race High Elf
Class Sorcerer
Reaction Friendly
Affiliation Valkyon Federation
Occupation Captain of the Second Expedition
Location Leander's Outpost
Status Alive

Leander (fully known as Leander Kubel) is a powerful and ranked magister of the Valkyon Federation.

When he heard his older brother, Elleon Kubel went missing, he choose to see what horrors await on the Island of Dawn. He formed the Second Expedition to the island in order to find clues and discover what truly happened.

Location Edit

He can always be found at Leander's Outpost. He is also briefly available at Shrine of Yurian during the quest [Lvl7] Traces of Darkness.

Quests Edit

Leander Kubel starts the following quests:

Leander Kubel ends the following quests:

Quotes Edit

"Many on this island believe that my brother Elleon is dead.

But I know better, and soon we'll uncover the truth.

"I can't believe he's disappeared again..."

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