Gender Male
Race God
Status Dead

Lok inherited his father Karas’s cleverness and quickly became renowned as an inventor. He fashioned the magic device that freed the amani people from their magical enslavement by the giants. But his intellect was greater than his wisdom, and he believed Ishara’s lies about Balder’s insanity. Lok created a device that would steal the gods’ collective power from Balder, but he didn’t realize the device would kill Balder—until he used it.

Lok channeled the divine power away for later use and stranded most of the gods away from their heavenly abodes, but Balder’s friend and bodyguard, Shakan, killed Lok before Lok revealed how or where he hid that power.

Thus the gods have only a fraction of the might they possessed before Balder’s death and cannot ascend beyond the mortal world. Most act as advisers to the mortal races they favor, or they fear reprisal from their fellow gods and remain in seclusion. Gods have long memories, however. The Divine War ended, but it never reached a conclusion.

Lok's followers, the Lokians and their underlings, are trying to resurrect him. However it is said such feat was impossible, for it requires an enormous amount of energy.

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