Continent Southern Arun
Province Arcadia
Zone Fey Forest

The center of Arcadia’s logging industry and more recently a gathering point for refugees uprooted by the kulkaris and orcans.

TERA Lumbertown Sky View

Lumbertown as seen from above.

Lumbertown is a town centrally located in Arcadia, on the continent of Southern Arun. Daven is the Federation's chief officer in the region and offers players a variety of quests that lead into subzones such as Fey Forest and Oblivion Woods. The recent anomalies have turned the town into a refugee camp that many natives now rely on.

Places and PeopleEdit

  • Lumbertown Plaza
    Lumbertown Plaza

    Lumbertown Plaza

    is at the center of Lumbertown. It is where some important NPCs such as Daven and Zandra are located.
  • Lumbertown Pegasus Platform
    Lumbertown Pegasus Platform

    Lumbertown's Flight Point.

    is located outside of the town walls and is a flight path for players.

List of NPCs

  • Ackerly [Woodcutter Union President]
  • Allos [Refugee]
  • Almanon [Flight Master]
  • Arn [Magistrate]
  • Beleha [Villager]
  • Brose [Arcadia Guard]
  • "My uncle was a logger. He hasn't been seen in weeks. The faeries got him..."

Catrine's Shop Edit

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Adjacent SubzonesEdit

Lumbertown's location in the middle of Arcadia makes it a popular quest hub for players new to the region.

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
Fey Forest 11-16 West By foot west across the river.
Oblivion Woods 15-17 Northeast By foot northeast across the river and through the cave.
Valley of Titans 17–22 Southeast By foot southeast.

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