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Mining is a gathering skill used in TERA which allows players to collect crafting material from mining nodes throughout the game. To mine a node, get near the node, face it and press F. This starts an animation which can be stopped by taking damage and various other skills. Upon success, the player will receive between 2-4 ore of the respective type, or occasionally, 1-3 Verdigris Flakes instead. Nodes in TERA exist in 5 tiers - the higher the tier the greater the chance of failure. There is no level restriction on nodes (ie. a level 1 player can still mine from a Xermetal node), it's just that if the node is much higher than the player's level, the chance of failure would be that much higher. Mining is needed for Alchemy, Weaponsmithing, and Armorsmithing.

Krymetal Ore
Tier 1 - Krymetal Ore

Skill Level - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 102

Locations Edit

Linmetal Ore
Tier 2 - Linmetal Ore

Skill Level - Minimum: 101, Maximum: 152

Locations Edit

Normetal Ore
Tier 3 - Normetal Ore

Skill Level - Minimum: 151, Maximum: 202

Locations Edit

Shadmetal Ore
Tier 4 - Shadmetal Ore

Skill Level - Minimum: 201, Maximum: 252

Locations Edit

            Queratine Zone (lost mines)

Xermetal Ore
Tier 5 - Xermetal Ore

Skill Level -Minimum: 251, Maximum: 300

Locations Edit

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