There are a certain amount of items in TERA that don't have a category in them. For such, they will be called Miscellaneous equipment.

There are three items in this category. Hair accessory, face accessory and innerwear. Not to be confused with hair costume or face costume, these items are a way to customize your character purely for fashion, and are always available in the game for free, as opposed to costumes.

Most of them can be obtained by completing achievements, or purchasable from merchants across Arborea.

Type of miscellaneous equipmentEdit

Weapons Arcannon Axe Bow Disc Greatsword Lance Powerfists Scepter Scythes Staff Twin Swords
Armor Metal
( Hauberks | Gauntlets | Greaves )
( Cuirasses | Gloves | Boots )
( Robes | Sleeves | Shoes )
Jewelry Rings Earrings Necklace
Crystals Weapon Crystals Armor Crystals Accessories Crystals
Costumes Hair Face Weapon Armor

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