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Mistmoor Island
Mistmoor Island Zone
Continent Southern Arun
Province Ostgarath

Mistmoor Island is one of the locations in the game TERA. It is one of the zones in the province Ostgarath.


Gulas and Red Lash pirates have largely overrun Mistmoor Island, but a few federation camps hold out against slavers, buccaneers, and massive beasts that have emerged from the jungle. The Kazuur Syndicate imprisons slaves here before shipping them around the world, and they’ll fill their prisons with local victims when they can. If you aren’t “slave material,” the gulas in the syndicate will not only kill you, but eat you—and not always in that order.[1]



Level RangeEdit

  • Levels 31–33

Notable BAMsEdit

  • TERA ScreenShot 20141026 143257
Mistmoor Island Map

Abraxis [Red Lash Pirate] is a level 33 hermit crab World Boss in Ostgarath on Mistmoor Island located in the Rain Cages., Red Lash Pirate

Instanced DungeonsEdit



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