Reaction Hostile Hostile
Classification BAM

Kaidun was an Aman General in charge of the area of Acarum. Kaidun is also a lover to Fraya, the Leader of Allemantheia, and provided her a pendant that glowed as long as he was alive

He was later captured by Thulsa's forces who then converted him into one of the Argons. The player is tasked to locate Kaidun, and to free his soul from the his now corrupted body.

He is also one of the Big-Ass Monsters (BAMs) located in Necromancer's Tomb, and is the third boss in the instance.

He does not possess any unique abilities compared to other BAMs of his typing. He does have a habit of randomly targeting a random party member and charging towards them, though this is very easy to dodge.


  • Knockback
  • Enrage
  • 180 degree cleave in front of him
  • Tail Swipe
  • Stomp
  • Triple Stomp
  • Energy blast

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