The Mystic starter guide is a advisement guide toward players who look forward to start their own Mystic.

General TipsEdit

  • Choose your race wisely. Each race has racial traits that affect gameplay.
  • Before you start playing, adjust your user interface to your liking. Experiment with font sizes, placement, etc. An easy to use interface that matches your play style will help make you a strong player.
  • When fighting enemies that have weaker minions surrounding them, take out the small minions first.
  • Mystics have great utility with the power to heal themselves and regain mana. This means you can stay out in the field longer before heading back to heal up or buy potions.
  • At these early levels, bag space is limited. Sell unnecessary items often.
  • Click on enemy titles, names, and locations in the quest tracker to highlight them on the minimap.
  • Watch for an enemy's eye to turn red - they're about to unleash a powerful attack.
  • Learn gathering skills at the Tower Base as soon as you arrive near it. It will allow you to pick those herbs or mine ore when you see the opportunity.

Mystic Starter TipsEdit

  • Mystics begin the game with their racial traits, Sharan Bolt, and Arun's Vitae. Arun's Vitae creates a ball of that can heal you or your allies and remove harmful effects. Practice these abilities and read up on all future abilities by click alt and hovering your mouse of the icon.
  • Cast Arun's Vitae before entering difficult battles so you have easy access to health when you need it.
  • Try to initiate combat with Sharan Bolt at its maximum effective range to ensure your enemies take their time getting to you.
  • Sharan Bolt's cast animation takes a short while. Try to avoid spamming the attack when enemies attacks are incoming or you will not be able to dodge in time.
  • Metamorphic Blast has a near instant cast time. Use this ability to finish off opponents when they finally get close. Also, try to position yourself appropriately when using Metamorphic Blast to take out multiple foes, such as the smaller minions surrounding larger enemies.
  • The cooldown on Metamorphic Blast is relatively quick. Dodge your foes to buy yourself time before cooldown if necessary.
  • Mana Infusion wears off when you enter combat. Be sure you top-off your mana before entering a dangerous fight.
  • Thall of Protection has a long casting time. Summon your thrall before combat starts.
  • Have your Thrall of Protection initiate fights for you when soloing mobs. This is particularly useful to gather multiple targets into a pile before casting an area-of-effect spell such as Metamorphic Blast.
  • Metamorphic Smite is similar to Metamorphic Blast but does more damage and has a longer cast and cooldown time. Use this as your opener in combat or right before enemies get in range but before they have time to strike. Think of it like preparing a well timed swing of a bat. This is particularly good at clearing groups of small minions.
  • Teleport Jaunt is the mystics primary dodge ability. It is recommend you move the button to the right mouse button for easy access. Use this to clear distance when running. You can also use this while facing an enemy to teleport through and beyond them. However, turning around takes time, so keep this in mind when you are looking to quickly strike a foe.
  • Corruption Ring steals health from nearby enemies, albeit slowly. While this can be great to finish off groups of weakened foes, do not rely on this for damage while tanking enemies - they will hurt you much faster than you hurt them.
  • Remember to release Corruption Ring energy when you are done to restore mana to you and your allies - the primary reason you should use this ability in the first place.
  • Retaliate is only available when you have been knocked down. Do not affix this to your toolbar. Simply activate the ability when prompted.
  • Thrall of Vengeance has a very short lifespan and is not meant to replace Thrall of Protection. Use this ability when you are confident in your surviveability and want cause more damage.
  • Volley of Curses takes time to dish out high damage output. Use this spell only when on the run or to initiate an encounter with damage-over-time.
  • Sonorous Dreams is a great way to make a difficult fight against many foes a little easier. Take good aim when casting to avoid sleeping the wrong opponents. Also, be sure to call off your Thrall to avoid waking them up.

See below for early gameplay footage for TERA's Mystic class!

TERA - Mystic Introduction Walkthrough

TERA - Mystic Introduction Walkthrough

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