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Ninja Ninja
Role Offense
Combat range Unknown [edit]
Movement speed Unknown [edit]
Weapon type Shuriken
Armor type Cloth

The Ninja is a lightly armored class which specializes in the use of the shuriken with melee offensive capabilities. The class is only available to elins.

Ninjas are quick on their feet and use dodging abilities to avoid damage, instead of relying on armor. By using their shurikens they build up chi, which can be used to unleash powerful abilities.

Official description Edit

The ninja is a nimble strategist who relies on hit-and-run tactics and misdirection to attack quickly and get away cleanly. She deals deadly damage with her impressive shuriken, up close or at range. Ninjas can also harness their Chi to produce devastating flame attacks.[1]

Equipment and attributes Edit

Equipment Edit

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Attributes Edit

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Skills and racial traits Edit

Skills Edit

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Racial traits Edit

Only elins can become ninjas, so there is no customization in regards to racial traits. All ninjas have Horizon Run Horizon Run and Friendly Current Friendly Current which increase their movement speed, Botanist Botanist increases plant gathering speed, Soothing Presence Soothing Presence makes enemies less likely to attack, and Teleport Velik's Horn can be used to teleport to Velika.

Glyphs and crystals Edit

Glyphs Edit

Specializing in glyphs like all classes means a great deal to customization. Notable glyphs are:

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Crystals Edit

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