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Oblivion Woods
Oblivion Woods Zone
Continent Southern Arun
Province Arcadia

The Oblivion Woods is one of the locations in the game TERA. It is one of the zones in Arcadia.


This forested region lies to the north of Crescentia and the Valley of Titans. A major north-south trade route connects the human capital of Velika with the rich farmlands and timberlands of Arcadia province, but devan interlopers have choked off the flow of goods desperately needed for the war effort. Federation outposts don’t have enough soldiers to maintain the trade routes and protect the citizenry. They need reinforcements, and that means you.

Sporewalkers and stonebeaks prowl the shady forest paths, but devans and their strange new allies will present a greater danger. Berzerad Cemetery, with its myriad undead, presents its own chilling hazards, and the basilisks of Bestial Vale offer a real challenge even for parties of level 20 adventurers.[1]

Crescentia 01

Aerial view of Crescentia, Arcadia Province.

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  • Levels 15–17

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