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The Offense (Sometimes refereed to as a DPS, DPSer, Damage dealer, Offender, or Damager) role in The Exiled Realm of Arborea as the name implies, is a role based on class that focuses on only being on the offensive side by dealing damage while in a party, as opposed to the Defense and Support which can do both of their roles (Their main role, along with the capability of damage dealing) when necessary, but not as effectively as the offense role.

All nine classes are capable of dealing damage to an enemy with their given skills. However, only six of them are categorized by official means as offense, allowing them to queue on the Instance Matching system as such role. Such classes include the following:

And the rest that are not officially categorized include the following:

Melee OffenseEdit

Melee offense (common refereed to as Melee combat, Close-ranged combat, or just Melee) is a fighting style that requires the player to be close up to enemy and attack from there. In TERA, being close to the enemy leaves you very vulnerable to the enemy as the enemy is very close to the player, especially against enemy players. There are four Melee Offense characters in the game, such include the following:

Ranged OffenseEdit

Ranged offense (commonly refereed to as Ranged DPS, Long-ranged combat, or just Ranged) is a fighting style that is recommended to be used at a long range, far away from the enemy. The players are not forced to be at their recommended distance by game mechanics, but recommended to. In some forms of long-ranged combat, being in close range can mean a great thing, especially for the archer which can stun an enemy target for full damage output. There are three Ranged Offense in the game, such include the following:

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