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Orcans are one of the enemies in the game TERA.



from Island Wildlife Notes, by Menak, First Expedition Zoologist

Island of Dawn orcans are only found in the vicinity of Leander's Outpost in the southern part of the island. They are technically not beasts, but humanoids with their own primitive culture. Their presence on the island is a great mystery to expedition researchers. Orcans near their settlement south-east of Leander's Outpost tend to consist of single orcan guardians and small groups of dwarf guardians protecting the immediate area. Further out one are likely to encounter orcan raiders accompanied by groups of minions walking a wide circuit. Orcan guardians wander as far as the road leading up to Arun Heights, the territory of Acharak, the Dark Claw Warlord and his band of soldiers. Though menacing in appearance and manner, orcans do not attack without provocation (with the notable and deadly exception of Acharak and his soldiers), but focus on performing their patrols. They will watch intruders carefully while assuming defensive postures, but it's safe to walk among them.


The leader of any orcan group is stronger and more dangerous than his minions. An orcan raider employs a whirling club attack with high knockdown potential. Taking him out first may protect such from being attacked from behind with this high-damage tactic while such deals to minions. Approach him from the side farthest from his minions to buy time, and be prepared to move out of the way of those clubs when such closes in on its enemy with flashing eyes. Orcan minions tend to stay tightly grouped, so a circular or area-of-effect attack will injure most or all at the same time.


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