Outrider's Robes
Outrider's RobesTier 2 Uncommon
For level 11 or above
Cannot trade. Cannot be stored in bank. This item can’t be stored in the guild bank.
Item level 23
Defense modifier16
Balance modifier15
Raises max MP by 319.
Damage from small monsters decreases by 4.5%.
Crystal Socket Crystal socket
Crystal Socket Crystal socket
Crystal Socket Crystal socket
Sell value 2Silver 62Copper

Outrider's Robes is an uncommon robe available to level 11 Sorcerers, Priests and Mystics.

Source Edit

Class-based reward from Quest:Ride off into the Sunset

Gallery Edit

  • Outrider's Robes (Castanic Female)
  • Outrider's Robes (Human Female)

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