TERA Online Client Patch 16.03.04Edit

Pre–release patch. Released on February 14th, 2012.

Fixed IssuesEdit

  • The "Contact Support" button now brings you to the TERA Customer Support page on the website.
  • Moving the mouse pointer no longer skips the opening cinematic movie. It can be skipped by press any key.
  • The LFG, Vanarch, and Party Alert chat channels will now be moderated.
  • The description for Soothing Rhomb has been corrected.
  • When trying to create a new character, you will now be notified if you have reached the maximum number of characters on your account for that particular closed beta test.
  • Achievements will now display in the chat window properly.
  • This build replaces some existing textures with high-resolution textures. They will display if you set the graphics options to maximum.

Known IssuesEdit

  • The client may crash when trying to login to server after exiting the server queue screen.
  • The cinematic for the Circle the Wagons quest will not render environmental detail if your distant environmental detail setting is below the max setting of six.
  • Outlaw quests point you to NPC Kareras, who is currently not labeled or clickable, and may not appear on the mini-map.
  • When changing locations, party members may "arrive" in a different channel.
  • The Contaminated Well area in the Quarantine Zone map has the incorrect environment textures.
  • Cancelling a Teleport Scroll mid-use will cancel the teleportation but still consume the item.
  • The quest objective and text of the Promised Support quest conflict.
  • The right ALT key registers as a double press with each single press. Use the left ALT key in the interim.
  • Piglings occasionally drop huge amounts of gold.
  • Battlegrounds are not implemented in this build.
  • The mystic's thrall summon may re-engage monsters even after its summoning mystic dies.

Additional NotesEdit

This patch was released shorlty after the first closed beta test which lasted from February 10th-12th 2012 to address some issues.

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