TERA Online Client Patch 16.03.05Edit

Pre–release patch. Released on February 23rd, 2012.


  • PvP is now available on two servers. Mayhem starts at level 11, so be prepared! Valley of the Titans. Jagged Coast. PVE is still available on Arachnaea and Serpentis Isle.
  • Guild vs Guild battles are now on. We have substantially reduced the costs for guild battles to make it easy to challenge other guilds during the Closed Beta Test period. 30,000 gold to wage war, 3,000 gold to forfeit or punk out.
  • Added “/bug” command for you to report game problems you encounter during beta. Note: you don’t have to report insects you encounter while playing.
  • Removed two chat channels (Trade, LFG) from server-wide chat to help reduce unnecessary clutter for newly created characters. You’re not in Barrens chat anymore!
  • Increased default UI scale to 90 (from 80) to ease readability; you can change UI scale in the control panel any time you’d like.

Fixed IssuesEdit

  • Vekas the Wicked Tree on the Island of Dawn will now spawn three in the area to aid the completion of the quest. We’ve also shortened the respawn timers: Vekas: 20 sec -> 10 sec Acharak: 20 sec -> 10 sec Kugai: 20 sec -> 10 sec
  • Level 11 mount quest no longer requires users to collect carrots. The new quest allows users to complete the quest within Velika. How ‘bout them apples?
  • Piglings no longer drop large sums of gold. Sadly, they don’t drop bacon either.
  • Crashes when switching between game servers or exiting a server queue have been corrected. Similarly, players will not get stuck in the waiting queue when a server is restarted.
  • Servers will always be displayed in the “Select Server” screen. Previously, some players experienced blank lists.
  • Players will not stay in the queue when a server crashes or is restarted. The queue will be restarted as well.

Known IssuesEdit

  • Keeping the Quota – Quest item is scarce, and harder to find when user base is high. For a place called Lumbertown, you’d think there’d be more wood lying around.
  • Circle the Wagons – Cinematic will not render environmental detail if player has Distant Environmental detail below the max setting of six.
  • Guild slash commands (/gkick, /guildkick, /gmaster, /guildmaster) are case sensitive to the player’s name. Your guild leader remains as insensitive to your needs as ever.
  • If a server crashes while player is in queue, player will enter Character Select.
  • Cancelling a teleport still consumes the scroll. Magic is complicated business.
  • Group members do not stay in same channel when zoning.
  • Mystic thrall re-engages monster after player dies. We hope to tone down this undying loyalty.
  • Using a controller changes the default skill direction to character direction.
  • Players need a “back button” to toggle the game controller's on-screen display UI off.
  • Players may experience a black screen when going from game to server select; a client restart will fix this.
  • Dynamic Veridian – This mount quest will appear twice now if you are level 11 and log into 16.03.05. You still can’t ride two horses at once unless you’re a circus performer.
  • Queues are displaying ordinals incorrectly. (“You are 1th} in line.”) We apologize for the 2thache.

Additional NotesEdit

This patch was released right before the second closed beta test which took place from February 24th-26th to address some issues.

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