Paverune of Titans

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Paverune of Titans

Official description:Edit

A minor Titanic rune containing both Arunic and Sharan energy for crafting armor and weapons. Children and gamblers collect runedecks for play. In castanic runedecks: lowest rank of the five minor Titanic runes.

Dropped by:Edit

Apparently they are dropped from the Basilisk.


  • Name: Basilisk
  • Ecology: Both continents, usually in desert areas. e.g. in Oblivion Wood.
  • Variants: Dusky Basilisk, Ironfang Basilisk, Rockstalker Basilisk, Ravenous Basilisk
  • Attacks: Claw rake, head toss, flaming breath, ranged AoE attack, jumping attack.
  • Defenses: Armored hide makes this beast very difficult to kill.
  • Weaknesses: Slow-moving, attacks slowly.

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